Our existing clients have always told us that we are polite and honest with them about anything and everything. And even the clients have contacted us personally stating that our photographers are extremely patient and kind. Few of them have told us, that the shots we take are different and unique. All this becomes our core strength.
We have mastered complete pre and post production. You can go through our photos and cc works. Our team members, age vary from 21 to 35+ and all of them are passionate photographers who are always open to new ideas & innovations and keep updating themselves. We have experimented a lot in terms of lighting and its techniques and that has brought us to stand firm with years of experience in this field. We are capable to handle multiple shoots in a day and have a good bond with all our co-workers. We are good at high speed sync and double shots which are a part of the camera techniques.
Therefore, pass on all your responsibilities and fears to us. Thereby, rest deeply and sleep peacefully as we ensure that we stand beyond your expectations and make your event worth everything.


Hiring a videographer for your wedding ceremony is a one-time investment to preserve your present and gift it to your future. Studiolivfe will be your affordable time-travel partner. Indeed, wedding photography will suffice your prime obsession towards capturing the colorful moments. But, a wedding video with real-time audio will double your joy. Besides, our video makers are heedful in choosing the right soundtracks for your wedding film. Hire us now, and we’ll ensure to take you down the memory lane to experience a sense of pleasant nostalgia.

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